Client: Channel 4 Random.Acts / Animate
Producer: Abigail Addison at Animate Projects
Mastering: VET
Director: Clemens Kogler
Actors: Christina Reichsthaler, Christo Christoph

Thanks to: Georg Lichtenauer

An Animate Projects production for Channel 4


In an ordinary apartment a mysterious chain of events produces a creature which should only be found in fantasy novels.

A 3-minute short film I did for Random.Acts, a program of british Television channel Channel 4 which showcases specially-commissioned three-minute films to a specific topic. In my case the topic was "Monster" . Other participating artists were: Vicki Bennett, Lizzy Hobbs, Mandy McIntosh, Jossie Malis, Motomichi Nakamura, Sean Vicary and Atsushi Wada.

The Secret Monsters Random Acts will be broadcast on Channel 4, the Random Acts website and in autumn 2013.