Concept, Director, Editor: Clemens Kogler
Music: Clark
Label: Warp Records
stills: 1, 2, 3 / video
Herr Bar - Clark

Music video for the track "herr bar" from UK-musician Clark (Warp Records).The film was produced as entry to the the Radarfestival, a creative competition of the three records label warp, domino and tummy touch. The film solely consists of photos of human body parts, which are arranged to form landscapes, animals, plants,...

short german synopsis from the Diagonale Katalog: Epidermis-Ornamentik und Beinballet. Das Bild Kollibri umsurrter Fingerpflanzen eröffnet eine Science Fiction Reise in surreale Landschaften fleischlicher Konsistenz. Yellow Submarine meets Monthy Python.

This movie won won among other prices the Diesel new Art Award carried a worth of tentousand Euros which allowed me to made a physical version of the film in a gallery in new york. Take a look.