Exhibition New York

Thanks to Katarina and Matilda for helping me with the setup.

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NY Dna Exhibition - Bird Flock Installation

Installation made out of 300+ bodypart-birds and various plants pinned on the wall. This is an physical version of my movie Herr bar which was also shown there. The single motifs were printed on plywood and cutted out by hand.
The aim was also to create a surreal landscape out of bodyparts, in this particular case I was interested in creating some giant flock of birds, always hungry always greedy, always searching for something. Masters of consumerism with shared goals and minds.

The exhibition was in Soho, which is if you didn't already know, a really expensive and hip quarter of New York were a lot of flagship stores are etc.. so I thougt it was quite a good place for my flock cause they are always surrounded by a flock of human consumers and there are certain similarities.

The whole exhibtion was part of the Diesel New Award were I was the International winner of 2007. The location is the Diesel Denim Gallery ,Greene Str.68 /corner Broomestreet, Soho .


Interview about the exhibition (german): »open