Documentation, 22’30, HD, Color, Stereo, 2012

Concept, Director: Clemens Kogler
Additional Camera: Michael Petri

This documentary was funded by Linz Export and the “Landesregiergung OÖ”
stills: 1, 2, 3 / video
The Wall of Death
On command, the dams burst. Two groups charge towards each other, thrashing about wildly, surrendering to the music: The “Wall of Death” is irrepressible – and probably for this very reason such a popular phenomenon in the heavy metal- fan scene. Clemens Kogler explores the ambivalence of this dance ritual and its associated subculture. Wall of Death is the portrait of a scene, peaceful in its brutality. (Diagonale)

Documentation about a phenomena in Metal youth culture called Wall of Death. A wall of death is an event that happens at heavy metal gigs. Basically, during a show the crowd will split up into a big circle or into two colums with an approximately 10 metre gap in the middle .Then, after a command by the singer or spontaneously the people on both sides run at each other sometimes resulting in serious injury. For the documentary I filmed the people in the crowd and asked the participants about their motivation and their feelings during performing this ritual and about various connected themes as their perception of manhood and feminism in metal and in “normal” society. Expressing anger as a method of therapy and the political side of metal youth culture.